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NM Public Lands Rally @NMWildlife @OurPublicLands


Why is it so important for you and members of your community to attend this year’s Public Lands Rally? 
Whether you are a hunter, hiker, angler, bird watcher, horseback rider, camper or just enjoy New Mexico’s beauty, our environment, national parks, monuments and forests we want to encourage you to come out our public lands rally! We’ve got a wide variety of speakers representing New Mexico’s diverse communities and this is great way to learn about issues impacting public lands and our environment and how you can make a difference at the local, state and federal level.

This year’s rally is really important and timely because our Public Lands are under  attack—We are seeing a range of issues from folks like those in Utah at the state and federal level trying to transfer federal public lands to the states or private interests to be parceled, developed or sold off, to increased fracking and mining, to trying to get the natural resources under these lands (and even under private lands), to some in congress trying to shrink or take away our national monuments. Also we are encountering a range of other issues like damage to sacred sites and petroglyph defacement, poaching, illegal dumping and being locked out of our public lands. All of these threats reduce access, integrity and opportunity for everyday New Mexicans and the public to enjoy these amazing lands that are part of our culture, history and identity as a nation and a state.


Public Lands Rally 

From Hope to Action: Making a Difference in Your Community and State

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017


New Mexico State Capitol

Full Agenda

11am How to Lobby for Our Public Lands 

Training on Public Advocacy at the State and Local Level 

(Rio Chama Restaurant, President’s Room) 


1pm: Nuestras Voces, Nuestra Tierra: Voices from New Mexico’s Communities 

What do Land Grant Heirs, Tribal Youth, Cattle Permittees, Military Veterans, Sportsmen and Women, State Legislators, Environmental Advocates, and Faith Leaders have in Common? Come Find Out! 

(New Mexico Sate Capitol Rotunda) 


2:30pm New Mexico Wildlife Federation After Party: Celebrating New Mexico’s Lands and Culture 

Come for free food, drinks, fun and prizes and giveaways

(Second Street Brewery @ the Railyard)

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