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Here’s what you can expect more of from a proposed transfer of federal lands to the state. Encapsulated by this survey from NM Dept of Game and Fish:

Dear Sportsperson:

The Department of Game and Fish is seeking your input on the use and value of State Trust Lands to you as a New Mexico Sportsperson.  As you may be aware, the State Land Office has proposed increasing the current $200,000 annual lease fee to $1,000,000 for next year (5-fold increase) to maintain access to State Trust Lands for hunters, trappers, and anglers.

The Department would like to better understand the importance and value of access to these lands for our customers.  By completing the survey, you will assist the Department in the valuation process and to better understand your opinions on this proposal.

Please click on the following link to take the survey:https://nmdeptgameandfish.snapsurvey.net/s.asp?k=144414566152&i=4AE5E9440D1D17F6

Your opinion is important to us and is vital in managing your wildlife resources.

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