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How we got here

Critical Issue in the West and the Nation.

New Mexico Stream Access Coalition

Figuring out how the Stream Access Bill even got passed can be confusing. NMWF executive director Garrett Vene Klasen and deputy director Todd Leahy dive in.

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We only get so many Octobers

Well said brother. I certainly measure my time by how many hunting seasons I have left. From that perspective, the priorities emerge. Thank you and, have a great October. I’ve started mine on the water with 4 big bull redfish from southwest and red passes in the bird foot of the Miss River Delta, a giant jack crevale and red snapper to boot (released of course). Cheers.

Mouthful of Feathers

“It is easy to forget that in the main we die only seven times more slowly than our dogs,”

The Road Home, Jim Harrison


October is finite – not only in volume, but in reoccurrence.

In Idaho, October is the perfect month. The weather cools and the aspens start to drop their golden leaves. Brown trout move upstream to spawn, colored up like the aspens and hungry and edgy and mean. Sharp tail seasons line up with other upland species so the whole host of bird hunting is on the menu.

October is a marker for my years and sometimes it’s alarming how fast they tick past. Throwing out a pair of worn out boots I realize it’s been a dozen years since I bought them. Sorting boxes of factory pheasant loads with $9  price tags, I try to remember when you could buy Golden Pheasant loads for that price.

Fondly remembering a hunt with a…

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